The Royal Order logo.

The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel 
is a secret society dedicated to discovering, decoding and protecting the secrets of Gravity Falls. Its founder and High Exalted Big Fish is Douglas MacKrell, a golden voiced film maker and host of Internet After Dark.


The very first meeting of the Royal Order was uploaded on October 29th, 2013. The society was planned about a month before the first meeting. A 




day before the video, Douglas MacKrell posted a sneak picture on Tumblr, foretelling it. At the first day, the video got at least 1000+ views, and so Douglas MacKrell made a public membership roster for members and Gravity Falls fans. Happy with that, he made another meeting, and saw the fandom grow as the Royal Order had more meetings and theories. At the Meeting #5 mark, the meetings had reverse messages at the end, some of which were hints to the challenges, e.g. at Dipper's Secret First Name: "The riddles are double-encoded."

After meeting #7, the Royal Order was holding a giveaway to celebrate the 500 YouTube subscribers.


  • The name and logo of the society is based off of the secret society by the same name in the series, Gravity Falls.
  • During the meetings, Douglas MacKrell wears several fezzes. One identical of Grunkle Stan's fez, one with an barn owl[1] (since Owls and Their Role in Gravity Falls) and an Orloj Fez[2] (since The Mystery of Pacifica Northwest).
    • The fezzes are courtesy of Fez-o-rama.
  • Douglas MacKrell posts sneak pictures on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook, together with spoilers to future meetings, announcements and easter eggs, and also early challenges and rewards. 
  • The motto of the Royal Order is: Manifesto Revelabis Defendere. Hover over the words to see their translation from Latin.

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