The Mystery of Gideon Gleeful
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Meeting 19
Upload date Mar 13, 2014
Writer and Director Douglas MacKrell
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This week, Douglas MacKrell investigates Gravity Falls' child psychic, Gideon Gleeful.


As we already well know from our previous meeting Gideon Gleeful (aka Lil' Gideon) is based off child preachers like Larry Hal Larimore. But what we haven't discussed is the fact that Bud Gleeful (Gideon's father) is based off of The Family Man - the owner/frontman for Melbourne Florida based used car dealership Family Auto Mart.

The as of yet unnamed shell shocked and vacuum obsessed Mrs Gleeful is more than likely an homage to the similarly shell shocked and drape obsessed Nadine Hurley of Twin Peaks. The connection runs so strong that I wouldn't be surprised if we discover that - like Nadine - Mrs Gleeful also has freakish super strength!

The connection between the Gleefuls and the Hurleys deepens when you realize that they both are trapped in loveless relationships. Bud confesses in the episode The Hand That Rocks the Mabel that he has always secretly loved a woman named Carla. In Twin Peaks, Big Ed Hurley is also trapped in a marriage out of obligation despite his love for Norma Jennings.

Gideon Gleeful is a sociopathic 9 year old, who is publically seen as a miraculous psychic entertainer. An endearingly cute star who picks up the spirits of the townsfolk. Secretly though, he's a power hungry megalomaniac who has no problems manipulating others to get what he wants.

Ultimately Gideon Gleeful is a fraud, using talismanic telekinesis and covert cameras to make people believe in his otherworldly powers. This was revealed by the Pines family in Gideon Rises and as such, he was arrested and sent to prison.

Despite being sent to prison, Lil' Gideon still is seen as a goody-goody and begins a program to rehabilitate his fellow inmates - though from the last scene of his public access TV show, it seems like he has some sort of mystic control over the dangerous and powerful men there.

Possibly though, Gideon Gleeful may not have always been as smart as he is currently. There is a possibility that in his recent past he opened a portal to otherworldly horrors that shocked his hair white - and left him altered. Suddenly smarter and robbed of his conscience.


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