Grunkle Stan's Secret Twin
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Type Regular Meeting
Meeting 2
Upload date Nov 3rd, 2013
Writer and Director Douglas MacKrell
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"Stan's Secret Twin" is the second meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel.


Douglas MacKrell covers the theory of Stan having a twin, Stanley.


One of the most circulated theories about Gravity Falls is that Grunkle Stan has a secret twin that we’ve learned nothing about in the first 20 episodes. It’s a sound theory for several reasons, but the two clues that cement this theory as fact for me are rarely talked about by other people in the community – namely, that Grunkle Stan overreacts at the funeral for Wax Stan, and the complex breakdown of the known Pines family tree.

The funeral that is held for Wax Stan was quite an ordeal – one that seems like quite a large amount of work for the notoriously lazy, cheap, and hardened Grunkle Stan. Why would he go through the cost and trouble of getting a coffin, dragging all of the wax statues upstairs and arranging them in the parlor, and setting out snacks and coffee? It makes more sense to me when you realize that he may have lost his real brother in some fashion, and has had 30+ years of pent up feelings about this. Gaining and losing something that looked just like him was just too close to core of Stan’s sadness, and the funeral was the closure he needed to move forward.

Also, when breaking down the Pines family tree, you discover that logically Stan MUST have a brother. For Stan to be a “Grunkle” a Great Uncle, then he MUST be the brother of Dipper and Mabel’s Grandfather. And we know it’s a brother because Stan has the same last name as Dipper and Mabel – and family names are generally passed down by men.


  • The Codes on the Thumbnail are in Bill Cipher's Font and translate to DARKNESS IS COMING and STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS.


  • This week's meeting came with a brand new intro.
  • The challenge accompanying the meeting is called "The Cipher Wheel Challenge".
    • The reward is the first official ROotHM decoder disk.