Soos and the Real Girl
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Type Regular Meeting
Meeting 43
Upload date Nov. 22nd, 2014
Writer and Director Douglas MacKrell
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"Soos and the Real Girl" is the 43rd meeting of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel.


This week, Douglas MacKrell analyzes Season 2 Episode 5 - Soos and the Real Girl.


In this week’s meeting I fully investigate Soos and the Real Girl, the fifth episode of the second season. It’s plot focuses on Soos who stumbles on an otome game with a rogue AI that falls in love with him and won’t let him go after he meets a real girl by the name of Melody. 

Melody it turns out isn’t from Gravity Falls - she’s from Portland, and will be returning home soon. She and Soos agree to continue their relationship long distance, and she becomes an important link outside of the small town for Soos. A lifeline that Soos may follow after the events of this crazy summer, because as long as Soos stays in Gravity Falls - he never has to change or grow up… and that’s a false happy ending for him. He needs to be able to move on.

Stan once again falls back to thievery when things don’t go his way, and he also drops an important line of dialogue “I have to be careful this time. No more cold Colombian nights.” This may not explain the full event of what sent Stan to prison, but we now know that Stan was jailed for (at least) attempted theft in a heist that went wrong!


  • The first code on the intro is encoded with the Atbash cipher and reads: DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREEN, referring to the static on the intro. The second code is encoded with the Caesar cipher and reads: I CONTROL THE HORIZONTAL AND THE VERTICAL.
  • The code on the thumbnail is encoded through the Alchemy Font Cipher and translates to: A WINNER IS YOU, reference to the bad Americanizations of Japanese video games.


  • Unlike his past analyses, this analysis is a full 20-minute meeting instead of a two-part series. That's because the episode doesn't have many secrets to discover (it's a Monster of the Week episode).