ROotHM Website
Type Official Site
Language English
Owner Douglas MacKrell
Launch date Dec 16th, 2013
IP address is the official web-site of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel.


The web-site is owned and administrated by none other than the High Exalted Big Fish, Douglas MacKrell.



This is the page written to welcome all new members of the Royal Order. It contains a link to the Trial of Membership, a welcome note and channel trailer, a Caesar cipher decoder disk for the Trial of Membership and all other Gravity Falls codes and a video on what it is and how to use it.

Meeting ArchiveEdit

This is the page which contains an updated and curated playlist of all the meeting the Royal Order has ever held, for the convenience of all Members and non-Members.

Membership RosterEdit

This page is a list of all the members of the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel who have solved the Trial of Membership and have written their names/nicknames in the pledge form. You can also gain rank


Bill Cypher's Font in the header decodes to "LIAR MONSTER SNAPPY DRESSER" and the Alchemy Font Cipher to "TRUST NO ONE".