Old Man McGucket
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Type Regular Meeting
Meeting 23
Upload date May 1st, 2014
Writer and Director Douglas MacKrell
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"Old Man McGucket" is the 23rd meeting of The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel.


This week, Douglas MacKrell discusses the mysterious Old Man McGucket.


OLD MAN MCGUCKET GRAVITY FALLS The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

OLD MAN MCGUCKET GRAVITY FALLS The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel

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Fiddleford Hadron McGucket better known as “Old Man McGucket”, is the local kook, crackpot inventor, and mad scientist of Gravity Falls. Beneath that floppy brimmed hat he wears, lies a complex mind of engineering and chemical (maybe even alchemical) genius. Unfortunately that genius is dulled by manic insanity – which leaves Old Man McGucket a reclusive and boisterous dump dweller that few take seriously… Until it’s too late.

Old Man McGucket spends most of his free time being loud and flailing his limbs about. When he’s not about town or taking on odd jobs, McGucket takes on odd experiments and builds massive and technologically advanced robots and mechanical suits. He’s clearly poor, but yet he’s also seen eating (drinking coffee at least) at Greasy’s Diner and attending both the youth party Stan throws and the Sev’ral Timez concert – both paid events.

Old Man McGucket has a habit of always being in the wrong place at the right time as he is woven throughout the first season’s worth of adventures of the main cast. Though Old Man McGucket is courgle and friendly to most everyone – he has shown repeatedly that he will go to extreme lengths to get vengeance for even the smallest of social slights, and freely work for those whose goals are evil or wrongheaded.

One of the two prevailing hypotheses about Old Man McGucket is that we’ve seen him as a baby. In the Time Traveler’s Pig, Dipper and Mabel travel to the past and land in the back of a covered wagon where the extended family Mecc sits (the Mecc family is a reference to the company who designed the original Oregon Trail game – MECC). Clutched in Fertilla Mecc’s arms is a baby with a band-aid on it’s face in a similar style to Old Man McGucket!

The second hypothesis is that Old Man McGucket is the writer of the Journals. This comes from a leaked photograph that shows a younger McGucket with six fingers writing in what appears to be the third journal. Assuming that the photo is legit (which is questionable because it has yet to air), we still don’t know why Old Man McGucket would have written the journals – or if he worked alone![1]


  • The Codes on the Thumbnail are in Alchemy Font Cipher and translate to IS MCGUCKET A STRANDED ALIEN.


  • In this meeting, Douglas MacKrell announces the Fishers of Truth subscription.

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