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• 4/25/2014

Things to do

Just wanted a place to list all the things that needed to be done. If you're looking for things to do, this is a place to start. Feel free to reply with other ideas and/or progress.

* Stan's Secret Twin needs to be finished

* From Alchemy in Gravity Falls to the current meeting - Pages must be created

* ROotHM Membership Kit - Page must be created / Include photos and winners of the giveaways

* Who is Douglas MacKrell and The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel need to be repolished

Alert me with any progress or ideas.

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• 5/2/2014

Ok, ill see what i can do

• 5/19/2015

Can we please have categories such as:

● Meetings

● Mailbox

● Challenges

Thank you so much. And is it okay if I try to work on putting some transcripts? 

(I also accidentally made a page named "Meetings". I'm so sorry.)

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